Frusano Club - always free shipping


"Shipping costs? I never pay them!"

This is the motto for our new Frusano Club we start from September 2020!

How much does it cost?

Nothing. Because the monthly amount of 39€ is immediately deposited completely as a credit in the Frusano Online-Shop. So you can buy delicious Frusano products for the whole 39€.

Free shipping?

That's the trick: As a member of the Frusano Club you order completely free of shipping costs as often as you like.
Just ordered and forgot the Nougat Crisp? No problem: Just go back to the store, buy Nougat Crisp, done.

Can anyone join in?

Not quite! We will start with the first 10 registrations from the Iberian Peninsula (except Andorra and Gibraltar).

What if I do not use the 39 € right away?

Then you will be credited for the following months and can use the credit for future purchases. But why wait? Fancy some chocolate? Just order right away!

What if I want to shop for more than 39€? What if the credit is used up?

No problem. The amount that exceeds the current balance in the store will appear as a payment amount in the checkout and can be paid with any of the payment methods in the store.

How can I register?

We are still working on the possibility to register in the store. Until this is completed: An e-mail to with the subject "Frusano Club" and the Frusano customer data (customer number, e-mail address, bank details and the agreement to the monthly debit of 39 €).
and important: be among the first 10 members!

What is the duration? How can I unsubscribe?

From the 3rd month on you can unsubscribe every month. Up-to-date simply by email.

Why do we do this?

We work daily to make all Frusano products available in every store, so that everyone can easily buy the products locally.
But the decision, if and which of our products are offered in the stores, is unfortunately not made by us alone.
Until we have reached the point where all our products are available everywhere, the Frusano Club helps: Enjoyment for all!